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Brooke Thomas has been in the broadcasting and direct response industry for the past 22 years. Presently, Mr. Thomas is the President of Sales for 28:30.

Prior to joining 28:30, Brooke was the Senior Vice President for Television and Internet Sales at GRTV Network where he was responsible for ad revenues on satellite television networks, two e-commerce Internet sites, and an in-house Per Inquiry (PI) agency.

Before joining GRTV, Brooke was the West Coast National Sales Manager for Paxson Communications where he was responsible for new business and supervision of the Los Angeles in-house rep firm.

Mr. Thomas was also a Senior Account Supervisor for infomercial advertising agency, Williams Television Time. Mr. Thomas began his career in sales as a local account executive for KWHY-TV 22 in Los Angeles.

Brooke Thomas now resides in Calabasas, California with two sons.

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Terry Crosby has over 25 years of experience in the broadcasting and entertainment industry. Along with being a founding partner in 28:30, Mr. Crosby is the former President and CEO of Rancho Palos Verdes Broadcasters, Inc., KXLA-TV 44 in Los Angeles.

Prior to building and launching KXLA, Terry was the Vice President and General Manager of Paxson Communications' KPXN-TV 30. Of the more than 50 O&O's in the Paxson Station Group, Mr. Crosby made KPXN the number one producer of broadcast cash flow per 100,000 cable homes delivered, than any other Paxson's stations nationwide.

Previous to working with Paxson Communications, Mr. Crosby managed San Jacinto Broadcaster, Inc., KTFH Channel 49 in Houston, Texas.

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Jack Crumpler is a veteran executive with over twenty years of successful experience in broadcast and cable TV sales.

Before joining 28:30, Mr. Crumpler was the General Manager of Paxson Communication's WPXA-TV 14 in Atlanta. Additionally Mr. Crumpler ran national sales for Paxson Communications where he supervised six account executives and two sales assistants responsible for selling not only WPXA-TV, but also over 50 Paxson stations.

Prior to WPXA-TV, Mr. Crumpler was the Regional Sales Manager for WGNX- TV and was part of a new management team hired by Tribune as the Local Sales Manager where he supervised eight account executives and two assistants as well as managed inventory, created sales and forecast, and assigned accounts and set rates on an ongoing basis.

Mr. Crumpler has also had the position of Local Sales Manager at WATL-TV where he directed a staff of eight people, formulated strategies as station transitioned from all-financial news format to a traditional independent format. Jack lives in Atlanta with his wife and two children.

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